Housing Choice provides rental assistance to low-income families in the private rental market. AHA forms a partnership with families and landlords to provide housing opportunities throughout metro Atlanta. Through Housing Choice, thousands of families have secured quality housing in the neighborhoods of their choice.

HOUSING CHOICEBenefits for families

  • Mobility: Housing Choice provides portable assistance. By following the proper guidelines, families can move to any other city that has a comparable Housing Choice program.
  • Supportive Services: By becoming Housing Choice clients, eligible families can take advantage of supportive services to expand their employment and educational opportunities.
  • Quality Housing: AHA conducts an initial property inspection and follow-up annual inspections.
  • Real Choices: Housing Choice families have a variety of housing options, including apartments, duplexes, single-family homes and townhomes.

Making Housing Choice work for you

  • Provide complete and accurate information to Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA).
  • Find a suitable unit within 120 days of receiving your voucher.
  • Allow inspection of your unit.
  • Comply with family obligations to AHA.
  • Take care of your Housing Choice unit and pay the rent on time.
  • Comply with all the terms of your Housing Choice Lease & Addendum.
  • Notify AHA of any family composition changes and of any income increases or decreases.
  • Provide at least 30 days notice in writing if you intend to vacate the assisted unit.

Waiting list

Generally, a family interested in participating in Housing Choice must apply to AHA when the waiting list is open and applications are being accepted. AHA must give public notice of when the waiting list will open and where applications will be taken. AHA advertises the notice in local newspapers, radio spots, at social service agencies, on this Web page, and in other locations available to applicants.

AHA's Housing Choice waiting list is presently closed.

Check this page regularly for waiting list updates.