Housing Choice provides rental assistance to low-income families in the private rental market. AHA forms a partnership with families and landlords to provide housing opportunities throughout metro Atlanta. Through Housing Choice, thousands of families have secured quality housing in the neighborhoods of their choice.

Attendance at an HCVP Property Owner briefing for new applicants is required prior to submitting your Property Owner Application (POA) and becoming an approved Landlord with AHA. Prior to submitting your POA, you must receive a registration number at the briefing and include that number on your POA. POAs submitted without proof of briefing attendance will not be processed.

Briefings are held alternate Wednesdays at 5 p.m. at 230 John Wesley Dobbs Ave., 1st Floor.

To attend a briefing, please register. Questions: (404) 892-4700.

Visitor parking is available next to the building at the corner of JW Dobbs Ave. and Jesse Hill Jr. Dr.

HOUSING CHOICEHow to participate

To access AHA’s landlord portal, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link "Portal access."
  2. Select "Click here to register."
  3. Enter the registration code, which is your current six-digit vendor number, preceded by a lowercase v, and the numeral zero (example: v0123456).
  4. Follow the registration steps.

The property listing service works in collaboration with If you have not listed properties with, please click HERE to register or call 877.428.8844 for assistance.
  1. List your property. Your property will be placed on a roster of available units and listed according to bedroom size. Certified families can search this list of available units, but you are not guaranteed that an eligible family will rent your unit.
  2. Interview and screen prospective families.
  3. Select a family based on your screening criteria and fair-housing law requirements.
  4. Completes the move-in paperwork and return it to the family.
  5. The family submits the move-in paperwork to the Housing Choice office, and this information is forwarded to the Inspection Department.
  6. Attend a property owner briefing to understand all the rules and guidelines for being an AHA property owner.
  7. You and the inspector arrange the date and time of inspection.
  8. Once the unit passes inspection and the move-in date is established, you and the family sign the lease and contract documents.
  9. After all documents are signed, the family receives the keys to the unit.
  10. Finally, the family moves into the unit. You have the sole responsibility for the management and maintenance of the unit.

Property Owner Briefing attendance is mandatory to participate in the HCVP. The briefing will provide an in-depth presentation about how to do business with AHA. You will leave with a better understanding of how to be successful as a landlord on our program.

AHA's jurisdiction is limited to specific zip codes within the city limits of Atlanta. For any property you would place on our program, you must be paying taxes directly to the City of Atlanta. If you do not pay taxes to the City of Atlanta, your property does not fall within our city jurisdiction, and we would not be able to do business with you.

AHA will verify that the prospective landlord and/or property manager (if applicable) has all mortgages current, is not in loan modification, has never been involved in fraudulent activities, and has no prior foreclosure activity with AHA while on the HCVP.

All properties must meet the AHA Inspections Standards to participate in the HCVP. Please review the Enhanced Inspections Standards Guide for a summary of these standards.