AHA positively impacts individuals, families, and neighborhoods and provides access to healthier living conditions for more families than ever before.

Through new construction, investment in existing private properties, and other public/private ventures, AHA is assisting nearly 6,000 more low-income households than in 1994.

Community and civic engagement has increased in Atlanta's revitalized communities, where more than 6,000 additional citizens have registered to vote (approximately 5,000 of them African-American).

FAMILIESApplying for an apartment

AHA no longer assigns apartments to our customers.

Instead, our customers choose the communities in which they wish to live, visit those communities and apply for an apartment there. We call this approach Community Leasing.

AHA understands that every family has different needs, and we respect you as the expert on which neighborhood is right for your family.

Applying for an Apartment Is Easy!

1. DECIDE where you want to live. Ask friends and family, view our communities on this website, and consult “AHA’s Affordable Apartment Homes” brochure available at our corporate headquarters, all of our communities, or you may download a printable version. We offer affordable apartment homes throughout the metro area. You decide which are right for your family.

2. CALL the community of your choice to confirm that it is accepting applications. If it is, also confirm when its leasing office is open and request directions by car or by MARTA.

3. VISIT the community’s management office and apply for an apartment. If several communities interest you, you may apply at each one. Your choices aren’t limited.

For more information, call
(404) 892-4700 option 2