Leverage the Learning

On September 25, 2003, AHA and HUD executed AHA's Moving to Work agreement. The agreement allows AHA to replace federal rules with policies and a business plan tailored specifically to address long-standing problems in Atlanta's public housing based on lessons learned and best practices developed during the last decade.

The plan has been strengthened through extensive consultation with AHA customers, the private and business sectors, and other stakeholders and through the approval process of AHA's Board of Commissioners.

CATALYSTSeniors and disabled

Quality Affordable Housing for Seniors & Persons with Disabilities

AHA's 17 high-rise communities once housed elderly residents only. Federal policies, however, required AHA to house seniors and young disabled adults together, with inadequate or no supportive services. It was a fit that didn't work and the lifestyle clash was unnerving for everyone involved. Under CATALYST, AHA intends to develop models to address these issues.

One of the principal goals of CATALYST is to facilitate quality living environments for seniors and young disabled persons. AHA will pilot, with excellent private sector partners and service providers, affordable independent and assisted living communities. To date, assisted living has been the exclusive province of the “well-off”. AHA will explore with its partners how to utilize public and private resources to create an “economically sustainable” model for assisted living that is affordable to elderly and young disabled persons, without compromising the quality of the product or the services.

Our goal will be to serve both populations in a manner that allows them to live with dignity and with an appropriate level of services.