Partnerships and People Investment

Atlanta Housing provides more than housing.  The Partnerships and People Investments (PPI) division partners with Residents to provide educational, economic, and health opportunities that create an entryway toward self-reliance and improved quality of life.

PPI focuses on five areas to expand opportunities through community partnerships and support services:


Student Achievement

Atlanta Housing offers a pathway of youth programs toward greater student achievement.  Residents can connect with several educational, college, and career opportunities.

  • After School Programs
  • Summer Camps
  • Atlanta Achiever Club
  • College and Career Fairs
  • College Scholarships Programs
  • Internships

If you are interested in receiving more information on youth programs, please complete the ConnectMe form.


Family Independence

Atlanta Housing offers a pathway of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities that can help you achieve this goal. Residents can connect with several career development services.

  • Employment Preparation
  • Certification Training
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • GED Preparation
  • Adult Literacy Program
  • Computer Education Programs

If you are interested in receiving more information on employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, please complete the ConnectMe form.


Digital Literacy & Internet  Connectivity

AH will narrow the digital divide for families by preparing them with digital knowledge and skills and creating opportunities that equip families for the technology age with computers and Internet access. These resources will keep youth, adults, seniors and persons with disabilities connected to society giving them the ability to apply for jobs online, do homework and complete online school, pay bills, stay connected to family, friends and support systems, manage budgets, checking and savings accounts online and participate in online employment opportunities.

In partnership with the City of Atlanta, AH participates in HUD's ConnectHome initiatives through which computers and free Internet services have been made available to over 160 youth and their families receiving AH housing assistance.


Health and Wellness

AH’s signature Aging Well program has been successfully used to encourage and empower older adults to actively age in place and control decisions that affect their lives and the aging process.

If you are interested in receiving more information on health and wellness programs, please complete the ConnectMe form.



In FY 2018, AH developed AH CARES, an organized volunteer program that allows AH staff, family and friends to participate in AH-sponsored volunteer projects.

Resident Engagement

AH is committed to our residents and understanding the types of programs, services and other opportunities they need from us in order to thrive.  We offer several opportunities for residents to be engaged and provide invaluable feedback.

  • Resident Advisory Group (See below)
  • Atlanta Achievers
  • Comprehensive Resident Assessment

If you would like more information on how to be more engaged, please complete the Connect Me form.


Resident Advisory Group

AH believes the key to success of our efforts is to ensure that our residents provide input and advice into the types of opportunities that we create. The Resident Advisory Group provides residents an opportunity to provide invaluable feedback.


Member Roles & Responsibilities

  • Participate in four quarterly meetings per year of the PPI Resident Advisory Group.
  • Give AH your best advice, insights and thoughts that you believe will help all families succeed.
  • Tell other residents about AH’s programs and initiatives that help advance resident self-reliance and improve quality of life, and encourage them to participate.
  • Participate in AH’s programs and initiatives to help you and your family achieve your goals and dreams.
  • Serve as a volunteer with AH employees in at least one event per year.


If you are an organization that wants to partner with AHA in our human development work, call us at 404-541-5885, or email us at

If your organization would like to be a service provider, please complete the Vendor Application.