No matter what your goals are, having good credit and financial stability can help you achieve them. More specifically, having good credit gives you flexibility, allowing you to lower debt and ultimately qualify for homeownership. Our 5-Star Tenant Program can place you on the pathway to success with the support of financial experts who will help you get results. Financial advisors can cost thousands of dollars, but Atlanta Housing (AH) residents can join the 5-Star Tenant Program and get the expert service they need without spending a cent.

What is the 5-Star Tenant Program?

The 5-Star Tenant Program is a six-month program designed to help improve your finances and springboard you into homeownership. The program provides credit and financial counseling services, and, upon completion, graduates will receive a certificate of completion and a curriculum transcript based on accomplished goals. Participants may also be eligible to qualify for AH’s Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program as a first-time homebuyer.

Additional offerings include:

  • Review of credit documents to create customized action plans
  • One-on-one and group credit counseling with a financial advisor to improve your credit score.
  • Money management guidance to increase savings
  • Debt management guidance to lower debt
  • Assistance with establishing and using a bank account
  • Tips to help you save for emergencies
  • Guidance to help you qualify for homeownership 

What are the program requirements?

The 5-Star Tenant Program is tailored for individuals with a HCVP voucher who have maintained compliance with Atlanta Housing’s Work Requirement for at least two years. Once enrolled into the program, all participants must demonstrate a commitment to success through:

  • Attendance at informational sessions and one-on-one group workshops
  • Open and honest communication about credit and financial challenges
  • Adherence to your tailored action plan
  • Monthly contact with your credit counselor

How can I become a 5-Star tenant?

During an open enrollment period, interested participants can register for a mandatory informational session. After attending the informational, participants may then apply for the program.

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