TechBridge has partnered with Atlanta Housing (AH) to launch an exciting new venture, allowing the next graduates of the Technology Career Program (TCP) to be part of the flagship Digital Leadership Academy (DLA) with AH. This TCP cohort will participate in a 10-week, free program offering education and certifications in high-demand technology skills, greatly increasing the employability of each TCP/DLA graduate in the information technology sector.

The partnership between AH and TechBridge grew out of a conversation between Atlanta Housing Chief Information Officer, Brian Benn, and TechBridge Vice President of Development, Andre Dickens, where both saw great potential for a partnership. As AH undergoes a digital transformation, Benn said that they were considering how Atlanta Housing could “take this digital transformation and not only look inward, but outward.” This is an ideal partnership for Atlanta Housing and TechBridge as the goal of the program aligns with the overall mission of both organizations.  As stated in AH’s 5-year strategy, the organization strives to achieve connectivity to create equity and self-sufficiency, and TechBridge recognizes that digital inequality correlates to social inequality. “I am hopeful that this partnership is a giant step towards bridging the digital divide”, Nicole Armstrong CEO of TechBridge.

This pilot program between TechBridge and Atlanta Housing will be especially focused on digital inclusion, aiming to address digital inequality in low-income households served by AH. The Digital Leadership Academy is part of the AH ACCESS initiative, which approaches digital inclusion in three ways: decreasing cost, improving access to resources, and expanding people’s understanding of the possibilities and career paths in the technology sector. The Digital Leadership Academy serves to provide education and training opportunities like TechBridge’s Technology Career Program. The program will be a part of Microsoft’s Accelerate Atlanta initiative.

The first cohort of this program will kick off on February 22, 2021, with students receiving connectivity, training, and complementary computers for use during the program. TechBridge is thrilled to announce and build on this partnership with Atlanta Housing in their mutual goals of achieving equality and better opportunities for all.