Providing affordable housing for those in need takes more than a linear approach. That’s why Atlanta Housing also relies on new and existing partnerships with local property owners and real estate developers so that our families can have options.  Partner UP offers a new approach to partnering with real estate investors that focuses on improving AH’s programs, increasing the acceptance of Housing Choice Vouchers throughout Atlanta and ultimately expanding the availability of housing options for AH families.

AH understands that misinformation and lack of understanding about public housing assistance can cause hesitation with property owners accepting vouchers.  Broad claims that housing authorities offer below-market rates for rentals; that partnering with a housing authority involves strict federal guidelines; or that it opens properties up to unruly or destructive tenants are confusing and often inaccurate.  AH, for example, is among the national leaders in providing market-competitive rents.  In fact, AH payment standards include subsidies that reach upwards of $2,200 for a two-bedroom . Additionally, the Partner UP program offers tools that our property owners can depend on.

The Up-front Rent Estimate Tool is an easy-to-use resource for partners and interested property owners to enter property-specific information and receive an estimate back from AH within a few days, eliminating uncertainty through transparency.  The Property Protection Program, on the other hand, is much like a warranty or even insurance–but without sign-ups or out-of-pocket premiums. AH pays up to $2,000 per claim to property owners for excessive tenant-related property damage, resulting from abuse or accidents.  In 2019, there were only 152 claims submitted reporting damage to property, out of the 10,300 households assisted by AH’s HCVP.

A Partnership That Works

AH is dedicated to building a relationship of trust and value with its Atlanta partners.  When you Partner UP with Atlanta Housing, you’re not just on your way to earning the most reliable income in real estate.  You will also be helping us provide a vital service to people who need a place to call home.

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