AH’s property owner partners play an integral part in the agency's efforts to provide affordable housing to approximately 25,000 households in the city of Atlanta.

Current property owners with AH’s Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) can access our new Property Owner Portal for the latest news and updates.

Learn more about the program below and when you're ready to sign up, scroll down to the "Getting Started" section or contact a member of our Landlord Services Team today at 404-892-4700 or hccontractsmailbox@atlantahousing.org.

Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP)
Atlanta Housing’s HCVP works with single and multifamily property owners to provide housing opportunities for Atlanta’s working families, seniors, disabled persons and veterans. AH provides property owners with a steady pool of tenant prospects, online self-service tools, and personalized account management.

How it Works
AH inspects the unit and negotiates a fair, market-driven rent with the owner, using GAMLS as the data source. AH-assisted residents pay approximately 30% of their monthly-adjusted income toward housing expenses directly to the property owner and AH pays the difference. We operate solely within Atlanta city limits.

Getting Started

  1. Complete the POA online by visiting our Property Owner Portal and attend a Property Owner Briefing online.
  2. Get your property rent ready. Download the Inspection Checklist.
  3. Market your property to Housing Choice Voucher Program participants through our Housing Counselors team or by participating in a Housing Tour or Housing Fair.
  4. Screen and select an HCVP tenant and submit a Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA).

Enhanced Inspections
Atlanta Housing established the Enhanced Inspections Standards to ensure that all HCVP participating units and the surrounding neighborhood are suitable for HCVP residents. Once a property owner determines that his or her unit meets all of the criteria listed in the Enhanced Inspections Standards Checklisthe or she can select an HCVP prospect and submit the Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA).

We’ve also provided a video explaining exactly what our inspectors look for during an inspection.

Important Links and Forms for New Property Owners

Property Owner Packet:


With rents continuing to increase in many areas of the city, AH decided it was time to update its submarket payment standards to ensure that its Housing Choice Voucher Program continues to be in alignment with the residential rental market. As you already know, AH uses the submarket payment standards to guide the maximum rent amounts that AH may pay for rental housing units based on the number of bedrooms, the property’s location, and an analysis of comparable rental units.


The new payment standards will take effect on October 1, 2021. Any Request for Tenancy Approvals (RTAs) or Request for Tenancy Approval Renewals (RTARs) processed with a contract effective date of October 1, 2021 or later will be subject to AH’s new payment standards. We hope that this change makes it more profitable for you to do business with AH. Please understand that the implementation of these new payment standards does not guarantee that you will receive an increase in your current contract rent or future rent offers as AH still determines rental amounts based upon an analysis of current rents for comparable units, preferably within the submarket or within close vicinity of the subject unit.


Please use the links below to see frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the the Payment Standards update.


Payment Standards (Maximum Rent) and Map

Payment Standards Lookup Tool Instructions

Payment Standards Lookup Tool

Inspection Standards Checklist

Housing Choice Rental Assistance Agreement (HCRAA) Sample Document

Forms Needed to Change Ownership from a Current AH Landlord to You:

Property Owner Resources

Property Protection Program (PPP)
Property Protection is much like a warranty or an insurance program only without sign-up or out-of-pocket premiums. After a $250 deductible per claim, AHA pays up to $2,000 per claim to property owners for excessive tenant-related property damage. As a property owner with Atlanta Housing, you are automatically eligible to file a claim through PPP. All damage must exceed normal wear and tear. For more information, click here.

Home Tours
Our team brings prospective tenants who are searching for a home to your rental property. The prospective tenants will tour your property and have an opportunity to complete an application immediately. Contact your Portfolio Administrator for more information or to sign up.

Housing Fairs
Housing fairs make tenant selection quick and easy. Property Owners come to our main office to meet with prospective tenants who are searching for a home. If you have several vacancies, this is a great time to accept applications for each of your units. Contact your Portfolio Administrator for more information or to sign up.

Georgia Housing Search
List your property with GeorgiaHousingSearch.org. Your property will be placed on a roster of available units and searchable by bedroom size. Atlanta Housing advises participants to search this list for available units. Click here to register or call 877-428-8844.

Property Owner Incentives

Standard Leasing Incentive Fee (LIF)
Atlanta Housing pays a one-time, non-refundable, monetary payment to property owners on behalf of Atlanta Housing applicants or participants experiencing a hardship. Hardship is based on the following: credit issue, financial burden, reasonable accommodation, rent negotiation or for other reasons. This incentive cannot be combined with the Automatic Leasing Incentive Fee.

Automatic Leasing Incentive Fee (LIF)
Atlanta Housing pays a one-time, non-refundable, monetary payment to property owners on behalf of applicants or participants moving from a different housing authority who submit their Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) within the first 30 days of receiving their voucher. This incentive cannot be combined with the Standard Leasing Incentive Fee.

Investor Referral Incentive
Current Housing Choice property owners receive a $100 cash referral incentive for each newly-approved property owner they refer.

Energy Efficiency Rent Boost (EERB)
Effective November 22, 2021, AH revised our current major systems boosts to help make your units even more energy efficient and valuable. Landlords will still be able to increase their bottom line and as before, Landlords may apply upon submission of a new Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) or Rent Increase Request.

Click here to see how to receive the Energy Efficiency Boost to your rent amount.


Single Family Property Incentives

(Includes Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex, Townhomes and Condominium building types)

New Contract Incentive
Discontinued effective July 1, 2019.

First-time Pass Bonus
Property owners whose single family unit passes the first inspection receive a one-time $250 cash bonus.


Multi-Family Property Incentives

Expedited Lease-Up
Properties designated as High Performing communities are able to lease units in 5 to 7 days due to a streamlined process. Through this process, property owners are able to self-certify that their unit meets AH’s Enhanced Inspection Standards and submit an Expedited Lease-Up Package during the initial lease-up process. The criteria for being designated as a High Performing community are as follows:

  1. The community must have at least 25 or more units.
  2. The community must achieve a score of 96 or higher on AH’s Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) Inspection.
  3. The community must be designated as a Class A, B, or C by Pierce-Eislen and/or AH’s Inspections Services Team.
  4. The Owner must be deemed as eligible via AH’s Property Owner Application (POA) process.

Want to learn why Housing Choice is just good business?


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If you have additional questions or you would like lease your rental property to a participating family now, contact a member of our Landlord Services Team today at 404-892-4700 or hccontractsmailbox@atlantahousing.org.

Landlord Services

Name Email Phone Role
Joanne Josephjoanne.joseph@atlantahousing.org404-817-7308Portfolio Administrator, #s,-B*
Michael Edwardsmichael.edwards@atlantahousing.org404-817-7462Portfolio Administrator, C-D
Anita Byrdanita.byrd@atlantahousing.org404-685-4973Portfolio Administrator, E-I
Curtis TylerCurtis.Tyler@atlantahousing.org404-685-4380Portfolio Administrator, J-K
Katrina Hickersonkatrina.hickerson@atlantahousing.org404-685-4906Portfolio Administrator, L-N
Erika Leeerika.lee@atlantahousing.org404-685-4397Portfolio Administrator, O-R
Danielle Bridgesdanielle.bridges@atlantahousing.org404-817-7213Portfolio Administrator, S-Z
Jason Wintonjason.winton@atlantahousing.org404-817-7446Director, Inspection Services
Kenneth Mingokenneth.mingo@atlantahousing.org404-685-4937Manager, Inspection Services

*If your vendor name begins with a number, please contact Joanne Joseph for your Portfolio Administrator needs.

Housing Services

Name & Role Email Phone Role
Kristopher Carterkristopher.carter@atlantahousing.org404-817-7339Housing Services Counselor
Annette Hillannette.hill@atlantahousing.org404-685-4894Housing Services Counselor
Kourtlyn Wigginskourtlyn.wiggins@atlantahousing.org404-817-7296Housing Services Counselor
Karen Ramseykaren.ramsey@atlantahousing.org404-685-4916Director, Housing Services
Tracy Jonestracy.jones@atlantahousing.org404-817-7445Senior Vice President, Housing Choice Voucher Program

What would AH pay for your house?


Landlord- What would AH pay

Click here for an estimate

Rent Estimates may only be requested for single family units, duplexes, triplexes, quadruplexes, individually-owned condominiums and townhomes that are not currently under contract with AH. Units must be located within Atlanta city limits. Estimates cannot be used to request or support rent increases for HCVP. Once your request is submitted, allow 3-5 business days for an email response.

Buying a property that is already on HCVP? Change of Ownership (COO) Process
If you have recently purchased a property with an Atlanta Housing HCVP tenant in place, you will need to complete the ownership change with Atlanta Housing in order to assume the payments and control of the property through HCVP. Click here for instructions on the entire COO process. If you are not currently an HCVP property owner, you should complete the Property Owner Application and supporting documents, as well as complete one of the following:

If the seller is available to sign:
Assignment of HCRAA for a Single Asset
Assignment of a HCRAA for Multiple Assets

If the seller is NOT available to sign:
Assumption of HCRAA for a Single Asset
Assumption of HCRAA for Multiple Assets