Community Complaints

Submitting a Complaint

The Atlanta Housing Community Advocates team responds to neighborhood concerns and inquiries related to Atlanta Housing. We are here to provide quality service to the communities throughout the City of Atlanta! We provide this service through collaborations with key partners and affiliates.

Call The Atlanta Housing Customer & Community Relations Center at or 1.888.AHA.4YOU with your community concerns.

Reporting Issues or Instances of Misconduct

At Atlanta Housing, your safety and well-being are our top priorities. To ensure a transparent and secure environment, we encourage you to report any issues, instances of misconduct, accidents, or other concerns.

Want to Report Fraud/Make a Complaint? Do You Know Someone Who…

Doesn’t report their total income?
Doesn’t report everyone living in the household?
Rents or sublets their apartment?
Steals time, money or resources from AH?
Pays or accepts bribes?

You can submit your report online through our dedicated platform at

Alternatively, you can also make a report via phone by calling 800-446-0905.

Your prompt reporting helps us maintain the highest standards of integrity and safety for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation.