Atlanta Housing Community Resource Guide

We are pleased to present this comprehensive guide to assist you in navigating our vibrant city and accessing the resources you require. Whether you are relocating to Atlanta from another housing authority or simply seeking valuable information to facilitate your move, this guide serves as a valuable tool to make your transition to Atlanta effortless and enjoyable.

Protecting Atlanta Housing's Integrity & Resources

Fraud involves false statements, omissions, or actions intended to deceive, resulting in misused funds or violation of housing program rules. Atlanta Housing is committed to upholding its housing programs' integrity and resource security. We urge the public to report any fraudulent activities tied to Atlanta Housing funds, equipment, or properties in our programs.

How residents/participants might commit fraud:

• Not reporting complete income
• Subletting subsidized housing
• Allowing unauthorized occupants
• Holding vouchers from multiple agencies

How HCV landlords might commit fraud:

• Bribing AH employees/subcontractors
• Illegitimate Housing Assistance Payments
• HAPs for vacant property
• Overcharging tenants
• Renting to relatives without approval

Employee fraud: 

• Theft or embezzlement
• Document forgery/alteration
• Records destruction/concealment
• Insider knowledge profiteering
• Conflict of interest

What to include in your report:

• Detailed problem description
• Suspected individuals
• Location
• Incident date

Do you suspect fraud in AH programs?

Contact Risk Management:
Mail: Atlanta Housing,
Attn: Risk Management Office, 5th Floor,
230 John Wesley Dobbs Ave., NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

Your information will remain strictly confidential. Thank you for your support.