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The mission of the Archives is to preserve and provide permanent and historical materials that will assist in the operations of AH; to promote knowledge, research and understanding of the origins, functions, programs and goals of AH; and to collect archival materials that tell the story of AH.

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2015.0044 Alonzo F. Herndon Homes records

2015.0027 Antoine Graves Homes records

2015.0010 Bankhead Courts records

2015.0015 Barge Road Highrise records

2015.0016 Bedford-Pine records

2015.0017 Bowen Homes records

2015.0018 Butler Street Urban Renewal records

2015.0013 Capitol Homes and Capitol Gateway records

2015.0019 Carver Community Homes and Villages at Carver records

2015.0020 Cheshire Bridge Road records

2015.0012 Columbia Village records

2014.0007 Community, Governmental, & External Affairs records

2015.0014 East Lake Meadows and Villages at East Lake records

2015.0023 Englewood Manor records

2015.0029 Georgia Avenue Highrise records

2015.0030 Georgia State Project records

2015.0031 Georgia Tech Project photographs

2015.0025 Gilbert Gardens records

2015.0026 Grady Homes and Veranda at Auburn Pointe records

2015.0024 Heman E. Perry Homes and West Highlands at Perry Boulevard records

2015.0032 Hightower Manor Highrise records

2015.0033 Hollywood Courts records

2015.0035 Howard High photographs

2015.0001 Human Development Services records

2015.0036 Joel Chandler Harris Homes, John O. Chiles Homes, and College Town at West End records

2015.0045 John Hope Homes and Villages at Castleberry Hill records

2015.0022 John J. Eagan Homes and Magnolia Park records

2015.0034 Jonesboro North records

2015.0037 Jonesboro South records

2015.0038 Juniper and Tenth Highrise records

2015.0011 Kimberly Courts and Ashley Courts at Cascade records

2015.0039 Leila Valley records

2015.0041 Marian Road Highrise records

2015.0042 Marietta Road Highrise records

2015.0028 Martin Street Plaza records

2015.0046 McDaniel-Glenn and Mechanicsville records

2015.0043 Model Cities Poject records

2014.0001 Moving to Work (MTW) records

2016.0016 Olympic Legacy Program records

2014.0004 Organizational records

2015.0047 Palmer House records

2015.0048 Peachtree Road Highrise records

2015.0049 Piedmont Road Highrise records

2014.0008 Public and Assisted Housing Program records

2014.0006 Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act (QHWRA) records

2015.0050 Rawson-Washington Urban Renewal records

2014.0012 Records of the City-Wide Advisory Council on Public Housing, INC., Atlanta, Georgia

2015.0051 Rockdale records

2015.0052 Roosevelt House records

2015.0054 Suburban Courts records

2015.0055 Summerdale Commons records

2014.0002 Techwood-Clark Howell Homes and Centennial Place records

2015.0057 Thomasville Heights records

2015.0056 University Center photographs

2015.0058 University Homes records

2015.0005 Urban Renewal Program records

2015.0053 U-Rescue Villa and Cosby Spear Memorial Towers records

2015.0059 Vine City project records

2015.0062 West End records

2015.0060 Westminster photographs



2016.0012 Bettye Davis papers

2015.0040 Cecil M. Phillips papers

2015.0009 Charles Forrest Palmer papers

2016.0005 Delmar L. Corbin papers

2016.0008 Earl Phillips papers

2017.0003 Ernest C. Jackson papers

2015.0003 Eva Davis papers

2016.0020 Frank G. Etheridge papers

2017.0001 James H. Therrell correspondence

2016.0011 Jane Fortson papers

2015.0002 Janet Crawl Shortt's History of University Homes

2016.0004 Lester H. Persells papers

2015.0021 Lillian Crittendon papers

2017.0002 Oral Histories Project

2016.0010 Rod Solomon papers

2015.0064 Samuel A. Hider papers

2015.0063 Susie LaBord papers

2016.0002 Sylvester J. Carey papers