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Episode # 5 February 19, 2024

Empowering First-Time Homebuyers Through Down Payment Assistance

Host Egypt Sherrod is joined by Director of Homeownership Programs, Pat Evans, and Brion Grady, a down payment assistance recipient, to provide a comprehensive guide on accessing homeownership resources and programs offered by Atlanta Housing. Hear Brion’s inspiring story about how Atlanta Housing gave her a leg up as a first-time homebuyer so she could realize her dream of homeownership and begin building generational wealth.
Episode # 4 February 12, 2024

Partnering to Solve Atlanta’s Affordable Housing Crisis

Host Egypt Sherrod is joined by Trish O'Connell, Deputy Chief Real Estate Officer, and Ernestine Garey, Senior Vice President of Choice Neighborhoods to discuss the power of private and public partnerships in solving Atlanta’s housing crisis. We explore how these partnerships are not only reshaping the city's housing landscape, but also empowering communities and preserving the rich history of neighborhoods like the former Bowen Homes.
Episode # 3 February 5, 2024

Providing Opportunities to Thrive and Resident Services

Host Egypt Sherrod is joined by Sarah Hilton, Senior Vice President of Governmental Affairs and Resident Services, and Tracy Jones, Senior Vice President for the Housing Choice Voucher Program, to discuss the diverse range of services offered by AH, from workforce development and mental health support to housing choice vouchers and programs for seniors.
Episode # 2 January 23, 2024

Delving Into Our People-First Strategic Plan

Host Egypt Sherrod is joined by Terri Lee, COO of Atlanta Housing, and Larry Stewart, Board of Commissioners Chairman of Atlanta Housing, to break down the agency’s 5-year Strategic Plan. Find out if Atlanta Housing is on track to reach its goals of creating and preserving 10,000 affordable housing units, enhancing family resources, and strengthening its communications and partnerships.
Episode # 1 January 23, 2024

Creating Housing, Building Communities

In this inaugural episode, Egypt Sherrod is joined by Eugene Jones, Jr., the President and CEO of Atlanta Housing, and John Skatch, Director of Planning, Design, and Community Development, as they delve into the affordable housing crisis, the complexity of the housing landscape, and initiatives aimed at creating stable neighborhoods.