In her first 100 days as President and Chief Executive Officer of Atlanta Housing, Terri M. Lee has profoundly influenced the agency’s ethos and operations. Her impactful tenure can be characterized by three standout elements: a bold new vision, amplifying the agency’s voice, and decisive leadership actions.

Bold New Vision

Terri Lee’s vision for Atlanta Housing is centered on using quality housing as a stabilizing foundation to uplift individuals, families, children, and seniors. Her leadership emphasizes achieving the agency’s housing and people-centered goals with a sense of urgency.

Terri envisions quality housing as a platform for empowering youth, assisting parents with tools, referrals, and resources to raise their children, and enabling seniors to live independently and gracefully for as long as possible. Key priorities include maximizing the utilization of Housing Choice Vouchers, expediting development and preservation activities, making it easier to do business with AH, fostering a thriving environment for employees, enhancing residents’ experiences, and ensuring the sustainability of AH.

Under her leadership, Atlanta Housing is committed to creating or preserving 10,000 affordable housing units as part of the agency’s 5-Year Strategic Plan, contributing significantly to Mayor Andre Dickens’ goal of 20,000 affordable units. The agency is 40 percent of the way there, with 3,866 total affordable units currently under construction or set to launch by December 31, 2024. Terri’s vision extends beyond building units; it’s about creating communities where households can thrive, transforming lives through housing.

Positioning and Amplifying the Agency’s Voice

Terri Lee has made it a priority to communicate AH’s work widely, expanding its reach and building partnerships. In less than three months, she has spoken at over 25 local, regional, and national engagements with housing sector leaders. This effort ensures that AH is not working in silos but instead collaborating with stakeholders to address the housing crisis head on. Terri has also engaged with educational institutions like the Harvard School of Design and Clark Atlanta University, and public housing entities such as the PHA Retreat national group and the Oklahoma City Housing Authority, to share insights and innovations from AH’s work.

By actively promoting Atlanta Housing’s initiatives, Terri is not just creating awareness but also sparking movements and monumental progress, reminiscent of the pioneering spirit that was evident when Atlanta became home to the first federally funded public housing projects 86 years ago.

Leadership Assessment and Decisive Action

Terri Lee’s commitment to innovative solutions is reflected in her recent leadership appointments and beginning stages of restructuring. Dr. Alan Ferguson, Sr., formerly CEO of Habitat for Humanity, Atlanta, has been named Chief Housing and Real Estate Officer, and Dwayne Vaughn has been appointed Chief Operating Officer. Under the new structure, Ferguson will oversee all housing and real estate functions including AH’s housing voucher program, real estate planning, and asset management. These appointments underscore Terri’s focus on enhancing the agency’s capacity to deliver affordable housing efficiently. With a goal to create or preserve 10,000 units by 2027, these leaders bring the necessary experience and reputation to drive AH’s strategic goals forward.

Terri M. Lee’s first 100 days have been marked by a clear, transformative vision, robust communication efforts, and strategic leadership actions, positioning Atlanta Housing for significant future success.