AH Celebrates 85 Years of Service

May 18, 2023 – Today Atlanta Housing (AH) celebrates its 85th anniversary, a significant milestone for an agency that has provided quality affordable housing, support services, and economic opportunities for residents since its founding in 1938.  Conceptualized by real estate developer Charles F. Palmer and President of Atlanta University Center Dr. John Hope, AH was established in during the New Deal Era under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Over the years, Atlanta Housing has continued to be an innovator and model for public housing nationwide, from the construction of the nation’s first public housing developments, Techwood Homes for white Americans and University Homes for African Americans, to the creation of Centennial Place—the first racially and financially integrated public housing project in the country.

For generations, Atlanta Housing has provided stable homes for families, revitalized communities, and invested in Atlanta’s economic growth by creating jobs and opportunities. Today, the along with economic sustainability, the agency is prioritizing environmental sustainability by implementing energy-efficient renovations and developments and encouraging its construction partners to do them same. Also, AH continues to enact green initiatives like community gardens and recycling programs.

As Atlanta Housing looks to the future, the agency will continue to address the shortage of affordable housing in the city of Atlanta, invest in people and communities, and seek out partnerships that will augment supportive services for residents. Services like job training, entrepreneurship, health & wellness programs, and more will continue to help residents achieve financial stability and thrive. Atlanta Housing will continue to open new doors for Atlantans for generations to come.

Click HERE for more on this milestone anniversary from President & CEO Eugene Jones, Jr.