Atlanta Housing's Co-Investment Fund program is a crucial lending initiative aimed at advancing the creation and preservation of affordable housing with development partners in Atlanta. Created in 2019, the program has recently introduced a range of new offerings designed to boost access to financing at competitive rates for real estate projects that will advance the agency’s priority of increasing affordable housing units in Atlanta. The program provides benefits and opportunities that developers and investors can harness to make a meaningful impact on the city's housing landscape.

Access to Competitive Financing Rates

One of the standout features of Atlanta Housing's Co-Investment Fund program is its ability to provide access to financing at highly competitive rates. This is a game-changer for real estate developers looking to embark on projects that align with Atlanta Housing's vision of affordable housing. These attractive rates can significantly reduce financial burdens of real estate projects.

AH’s Co-Investment Fund offers financing products to provide short-term, permanent, gap financing, and/or participation in public-private partnership opportunities. AH's loan products are issued at competitive rates to finance a portion or all of the acquisition, construction, or renovation of mixed-use or residential mixed-income developments. These loan products are designed to be used in conjunction with conventional financing, bond financing, or other sources of capital for predevelopment and site development costs, and to construct, rehabilitate and/or preserve residential housing and mixed-use developments.

Tailored Product Options

The Co-Investment program offers a diverse range of product options to cater to the unique needs of developers. These options include:

  1. Acquisition & Ground Lease: This option allows Atlanta Housing to acquire properties with the aim of creating or preserving affordable housing. It's not limited to any specific property type and can include vacant land, commercial, or residential properties. The focus is on projects within the city of Atlanta that meet specific guidelines, including targeting families with lower income levels.
  2. Construction Loan: AH offers below-market construction loans to expedite the delivery of affordable housing. These loans work in tandem with other lenders and are designed to lower project costs. They can be repaid from bridge or permanent financing, providing flexibility to developers.
  3. Bridge Loan: In the unpredictable world of real estate development, projects can face unexpected delays. Atlanta Housing assists with bridge loans to cover these timing gaps, maintaining project momentum and minimizing disruptions.
  4. Permanent Loan: The program also offers permanent loans, providing financing for construction or bridge financing for AH projects.

By offering these co-investment products, Atlanta Housing aims to lower barriers for developers to create and preserve affordable units, addressing a critical need in Atlanta's housing market. Accessing these funds follows a transparent pre-application approval process, ensuring that projects align with program and eligibility guidelines. If accepted, AH will invite the applicant to apply for funding.

The Atlanta Housing's Co-Investment Fund initiative empowers developers to become impactful partners in the creation of quality, equitable, and inclusive communities. To view eligibility requirements, information, and initiate the preapproval process click HERE.  Representatives can also be reached by email at