Atlanta Housing and the Department of Parks and Recreation Unveil Watkins Street Park

June 10, 2023

Atlanta–Atlanta Housing (AH), in collaboration with the Bowen Choice Neighborhood team and the City of Atlanta, is thrilled to announce the completion and celebration of Watkins Street Park, a striking greenspace designed to cater to all ages and foster community engagement. Located just blocks away from the former Bowen Homes site, this newly established park exemplifies the commitment to creating accessible and inclusive recreational areas for residents and surrounding communities.

The development of Watkins Street Park was a result of the “Doing While Planning” initiative, where AH, Longline Holdings, Urban Oasis Development, Living Playgrounds, and Integrated Land Design collaborated with former Bowen Homes residents and community members in 2022.  “At Atlanta Housing, we believe in partnerships. This park is a proud example of what we can accomplish for the greater good when we embrace the true spirit collaboration,” said AH President and CEO Eugene Jones, Jr. “Watkins Street Park will be a lasting source of recreation and enjoyment for all who seek it here.” Through extensive workshops and invaluable community feedback, the project aimed to prioritize the aspirations and needs of residents. The end result is a picturesque park that reflects the desires of the community and holds endless potential for health, fitness, creative play and fostering a strong sense of togetherness.

“This space was nothing before. Those of you from the community can likely attest to that,” said Commissioner Justin Cutler of the City of Atlanta Parks and Recreation. “On behalf of Mayor Dickens, we thank Atlanta Housing for your leadership and organization in creating this magnificent space.” The celebration and ribbon-cutting is open to the public beginning at 11 AM, at 1065 Hightower Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 (Watkins Street and Hightower Road).


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